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"Q Core Center": your future call center

Talking on the phone  - our work

We are the Center, located in the heart of Eurasia, bringing together numerous teams from different directions and fields of activities under our roof. Our specialization is — cold and warm calls in an English-speaking environment. Our partner companies, which have expanded their call centers and sales departments with us, are located in such states as New York, Washington and California.

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Filming an Interview

Talk to your clients

Find out more about who they are, what they want and what worries them

We don't just do, we create

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$10 / hour

Incoming and outgoing calls

+ $2 / hour

Mail, chats, social networks

Free (from 3 months)

Formation of the knowledge base

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Our clients


Axis Appliance Repair


Accord Appliance


A-FIX Service

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This is us

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